Feature Your Wine

What We Offer You
New Customers Fast

Sell hundreds of bottles of wine in a matter of days.

Gain Exposure Online

Thousands of influential wine buyers will discover your winery.

Complement Your DTC

We share highly-qualified consumer leads that you can use in your own DTC programs.

How We're Different
Maintain Your Pricing

Quickly sell wine while protecting your brand; without ever using discounts.

Long-Term Value

Our members get rewarded for engaging with your offer, including opportunities to try your higher-end wines.

It’s Turnkey

We pick up the wine, transfer you the money, and take care of shipping.

Why It Makes Sense
It’s Profitable

You’ll always retain FOB pricing or better (typically 50% of full MSRP).

Your Brand is Protected

We will only ever display your wine at its full MSRP pricing. It will never be offered at a discount.

Nothing Out of Pocket

We take our fees from the revenue we generate for you. If your wine doesn’t sell, you pay us nothing.

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